Monday, March 29, 2010

When you want to the least, is when you need to the most

I'll save you all the drivel and excuses of the last 6 months. It's an ugly story and since I can't go back I need to just move forward. Even my horoscope this morning started with, "there's no better time to recommit yourself ..."

So here I go.

Besides, the sun is shining. Spring is here. The temperature will reach the double digits today and by week's end we'll top 20 degrees Celsius.

And it's a short work week :)

A perfect day to smile. A perfect day to feel good. A perfect day for a 're commitment.' A perfect way to start a Monday, if you ask me.

I'm in the process of designing my business cards. I've delved into my beading and have much to do making jewellery and bookmarks. Feedback from everyone has been positive, so if I can make a few bucks doing something I love ... why not?

My other big announcement is I've started training as a palliative care caregiver. A ten week course offered by the Hospice Association of Ontario. Afterwards, I'll be able to provide hospice palliative care as a volunteer. A first step to what I hope becomes a career move into palliative care. If I had both the money and time, I would go back to school and do nursing.

But this is a start.

I love what I'm learning and hope to be able to make a difference to a family and their loved one as they make their final journey home.

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