Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Work in Progress

Saturday morning and instead of my usual routine of laundry and cleaning, here I am sitting in front of this computer marvelling at all the things I can do in my blog. There's calanders to share! pictures to upload! links to add! Hubby registered for his blog just before he took the kids bowling. If he gets into it like I'm getting into it, he's just going to have to get his own computer! I haven't been on the computer since Donna died almost 10 months ago. Last week I even went out for tea with Barb and Susan for the first time since. Creating this blog is like taking a step. A Work in Progress ... both the blog and the blogger.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Finally, the week is over

It's Friday... finally. This has been an extremely long week. Work is insanely busy these days, even more so then usual. Dr. Z is leaving the practice at the end of February which will leave us with 3 full time MDs plus the residents. The stress and resulting infighting between doctors and staff has everyone on edge. I'm sooooo loooking forward the weekend.

Weigh in this morning was 246 3/4 pounds. The great thing about weighing yourself on a doctor's scale is that it IS accurate to that quarter pound ..... of course I'm only thankful when that quarter pound is in the loss column and not the plus column! It's also important to note that I started journaling at 247 pounds, but I started my diet at 252 pounds. That's a drop of 5 and one quarter pounds. Not a bad first 2 weeks.

It was a P.A. day for the kids, so they were all home today. Lou went to the movies with her friends; George had Kyle and Sarah over to watch movies; Pudge went sledding with her friends and Gingo went to sleep over at Gramma's. BG has to work this weekend so he isn't coming home. All in all, it was a quiet evening. My sisser came over and had a couple of drinks with hubby and I. So far, a great start to the weekend.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sense and Discipline

5 or so years ago, diet number six-hundred-and-something-or-other was a Weight Watchers plan. SUCCESS! for as long as I counted the POINTS. After reaching the 33 pound mark on the weight loss scale, I felt I was strong enough to go off my diet "just over the Christmas holidays" so as not to feel I was cheating myself out of some Christmas cheer. I resigned myself to the fact that I might gain 5-10 pounds in doing so, but that as soon as January 1st rolled around I would knuckle down and get right back to counting points ....... yes, yes that is HONESTLY what I believed at the time - stop laughing! Anyway, those 33 pounds (plus another dozen or two) flew back on in no time.

Why do I begin Day 1 reflecting back on 5 years ago? Well, it's because during my Weight Watchers days I was trained to allow myself a 'reward day'. As long as I met my weekly goals and my Saturday weigh in was not on the plus side, I allowed myself a 'treat meal' on Saturday evening which was a point free (in other words FORBIDDEN) meal. Now, working in a doctor's office, we have a weekly luncheon with a drug rep from one of the many pharmaceutical companies. These luncheons do not consist of 'diet' meals. Instead of munching on wilted lettuce and brown apple from home, silently resenting my (thin) co-workers while I drool over their 3 course meal selection, I have decided to allow myself these Thursday lunches as my reward meal. Am I misleading myself now, as I did 5 years ago with my Christmas cheer? I hope not. I am trying to use some sense and discipline and make a healthier menu choice, with a salad on the side and no dessert. I am not counting POINTS on this diet ... in fact, I'm not on any of the official weight loss plans. Sense and discipline is the name of the game for this diet as I strive to use both.

Day 1 of my journal begins on 'Reward day' January 25, 2007. Weigh in this morning was 247 pounds.


Losing It ... 2 little words which seem to define my entire life these days. Hopefully I'll lose more pounds then mind - time will tell. As a married mother of 5 children, working full time in a Family Physician's office odds are I will lose my sanity far faster then I'll shed the 100 (yes, that's one HUNDRED!) extra pounds I've been carrying since the birth of my second child. However, as I endeavour to conquer my umpteenth diet, my hope is that journaling my successes and failures both at weight loss and parenting will serve to help me triumph over both of these life challenges.

Sit back ... grab a snack (fat free, of course!) ... and let the race begin!