Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sense and Discipline

5 or so years ago, diet number six-hundred-and-something-or-other was a Weight Watchers plan. SUCCESS! for as long as I counted the POINTS. After reaching the 33 pound mark on the weight loss scale, I felt I was strong enough to go off my diet "just over the Christmas holidays" so as not to feel I was cheating myself out of some Christmas cheer. I resigned myself to the fact that I might gain 5-10 pounds in doing so, but that as soon as January 1st rolled around I would knuckle down and get right back to counting points ....... yes, yes that is HONESTLY what I believed at the time - stop laughing! Anyway, those 33 pounds (plus another dozen or two) flew back on in no time.

Why do I begin Day 1 reflecting back on 5 years ago? Well, it's because during my Weight Watchers days I was trained to allow myself a 'reward day'. As long as I met my weekly goals and my Saturday weigh in was not on the plus side, I allowed myself a 'treat meal' on Saturday evening which was a point free (in other words FORBIDDEN) meal. Now, working in a doctor's office, we have a weekly luncheon with a drug rep from one of the many pharmaceutical companies. These luncheons do not consist of 'diet' meals. Instead of munching on wilted lettuce and brown apple from home, silently resenting my (thin) co-workers while I drool over their 3 course meal selection, I have decided to allow myself these Thursday lunches as my reward meal. Am I misleading myself now, as I did 5 years ago with my Christmas cheer? I hope not. I am trying to use some sense and discipline and make a healthier menu choice, with a salad on the side and no dessert. I am not counting POINTS on this diet ... in fact, I'm not on any of the official weight loss plans. Sense and discipline is the name of the game for this diet as I strive to use both.

Day 1 of my journal begins on 'Reward day' January 25, 2007. Weigh in this morning was 247 pounds.

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