Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Is it a Full Moon?

Everyone seems to be on edge around here. Stressed. Defensive.

I know we've all been stressing over the start of school. For me, I've got to fight to get the girls out of bed in the morning before I leave for work. Get them back into a routine at night for homework. Get them into bed at a decent time after a summer of later bedtimes. For the girls, of course, it's all hype and drama with who's in who's class; what teachers do they have? What do I wear today? I hate my hair! She took my sweater! And the list goes on (and on, and on).

I've been bitchy, and pms'ing in addition to stressed and on edge. Tonight I snapped on Lou, and now that I've calmed down I feel bad - though at the moment I felt completely justified. It's George's birthday tomorrow and Lou's on the 25th. Both of them want the 8 gig Ipod Touch. It's more money than we spend on them on their birthdays but since it's the only thing they are each asking for my mom and my sister said they would put their money in with ours and then they could each get one. So that was the plan. Of course, I didn't want Lou to know we were getting one for George or she would know she was also getting on. So I asked her if she would come out with me to look at clothes for George for her birthday. She yelled at me and told me - no she "warned" me that if she didn't get her ipod touch for her birthday she would have "the biggest meltdown I've ever seen!"

That pi$$ed me off. Don't you dare threaten me and tell me I had better do something. That just makes me want to show you I don't have to, and in this case get you nothing for your birthday. Annoyed, I continued on with the evening and we picked her up after work and had to make a couple of quick stops on the way home so she was with us. She was hungry after just finishing work and wanted us to stop and buy her some chicken nuggets from McDonald's. At first her dad told her no. She said she had a coupon for buy one get one free and asked again if he would please take her. I guess that reminded her dad that he also had some McDonald's coupons and since we hadn't had supper he would use one of his 2 can dine coupons and get something for both Lou and I. Well no, she wanted both nugget meals; said 6 nuggets and fries wouldn't be enough for her. Peach told her he didn't have much money on him and if he used her coupons and got her both meals he couldn't get me one. At that point, she became pi$$y.

Now, it really wasn't about me not getting McD's. I shouldn't be eating it anyway; nor eating at that time of night. But what got to me was her demanding attitude and the fact that getting something wasn't good enough unless she was getting exactly what she wanted. Someone offering to buy her a six nugget meal with fries and a drink wasn't enough for her .... she wanted the free extra meal as well.

I stewed about it while she ate her meal, and after she was finished I cleared the air; vented as I like to call it. She can be so sweet and thoughtful at times, and then so demanding, rude and selfish at other times. Like a completely different person. I know they will behave and react the way we allow them to; and I really would like to think I've taught her better than that. Taught all of them better than that. Like I said, I feel a little differently now. I haven't changed my thoughts and opinions but feel I could have handled it a little better than yelling at her.

But I also regret having bought her anything. I should have said if 6 nuggets aren't enough you get nothing and left the drive through. Again, my giving in to her will only encourage similar behaviour in the future. I need to wait until we've both calmed down some, and then try to have a calm and mature talk with her.

Wish us both luck.

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