Sunday, August 30, 2009

#13: Describe the most serious illness or accident that you have had.

With the exception of age-related problems that have begun to creep up on me of late, I have been blessed with good health.

As a teenager I had a lot of stomach problems but the doctors could never find anything wrong. I would get incredible pains that, after vomiting, would stop as quickly as they started. It went on for years and after tests came back all negative, I started to believe it was anxiety-type or stress related. During my pregnancy with Bg the pains intensified and came on more frequently. I was told it was heartburn from the pregnancy. The pains would get so severe, I used to tell myself if I was this much of a wimp with just 'heartburn' how would I ever handle labour! I was terrified. After giving birth, one of the first thoughts that went through my mind was "Thank God! No more heartburn!" Then when Bg was 4 weeks old .... another attack. I was so upset. How could I still be having heartburn when I was no longer pregnant? As luck would have it, at Bg's 4 week check up I saw a resident who was working with my regular family doctor. As residents are required to gather background information, he started asking me about my pregnancy and delivery and the subject of my heartburn came up. As he then started to delve into the history of my stomach pains he decided I should be checked for gallstones. Sure enough, an ultrasound confirmed his suspicions and surgery followed. After the operation, the surgeon told me I had so much scarring and stones actually throughout my abdomen, so without a doubt he felt I had suffered for years with gallstones. At last, I had an answer to the pains I thought had been all in my head.

As I'm approaching middle age, I'm having problems with high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Both of which are associated with being overweight. I'm seeing as I start to lose weight and take better care of myself that I'm showing improvements in my overall health.

With continued hard work, dedication and a change in lifestyle I look forward to continued good health.

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