Friday, February 3, 2012

Why Does This Bother Me?


I'm trying not to let this bother me, but it's proving easier said than done.

George is only 16ish weeks along and burt's family is over the moon gushing over her pregnancy and busting at the seams trying to reach me to start planning her baby shower.


First of all, although I am supportive of my daughter and her choice to have this baby, I do not feel that these two children are ready to have children. Neither have finished high school ... burt only works part time to pay for his sporting activities ... george is not currently working at all ... they fight more then they get along ... he has been violent with her in the past. Having said that, while I disprove of the situation they have found themselves in, the reality is that baby is a reality. A precious gift. A treasured life. And I will do everything in my power to not only make sure that baby is healthy, safe and happy but also to help george be the best mother she can be. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for her or her baby.

I could be brutally honest and get into detail of what I think about burt and his family, but it would serve no purpose. George and burt have decided to have this baby and there will always be that bond between them, regardless of the outcome of their own personal relationship. It also means I permanent connection between our two families.

But burt's mom had better back off.

george is my daughter.

You are not my family. I don't even like you. I would be quite content to plan a shower for my side of the family and you plan one for your side. That way you don't have to like where I want to have the shower ... you don't have to agree on the games and food I plan ... you don't have think it's silly that I don't want to do a jack & jill style shower. You don't have to be disappointed that with only 24 weeks left I don't have all the details worked out.

You go ahead and plan whatever you want and leave me to do my own thing when I think the time is right.


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