Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beautiful September

So we've said farewell to August. I can't believe how fast another month has flown by. As I've probably mentioned we are approaching my favourite time of year. As we welcome September, and in keeping with NaBloPoMo's theme for the month I have to comment on the beautiful day we had today.

Sunshine and blue skies have a way of easing my stresses of daily life; makes me feel better. 5 kids; a husband; a full time job; a home; helping to care for aging family members .... it can all take a toll. I try (sometimes more successfully than others) to count my blessings daily; to appreciate that I have a strong, healthy family to love and that I am strong and healthy enough to care for. To be thankful for the job I have which allows me to live in the home I am proud of.

I am aware of the struggles of some of my (online and personal) friends, and I hold you close in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you too had some beautiful in your day today.

Sunshine is the promise for the rest of the week, and I'm going to enjoy every moment of it; before we know it the cold, dark, snowy winter will be upon us.

And so will Christmas - YAY!

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