Monday, August 24, 2009

As Robert Munsch Would Say ....

George, my beautiful daughter.

I'm trying desperately to respect your right to make decisions and choose your friends and relationships. I really, truly am.

But I'm watching you make poor choices and allowing yourself to be taken advantage of. It breaks my heart to see you cry. There is a certain amount of heartache that all teenagers go through and are what I call "growing pains." It is inevitable. It is normal.

But these are not those growing pains.

When your boyfriend consciously and intentionally sets sets out to hurt you, that's emotional abuse. When he cuts you off and doesn't allow you to talk to anyone about your relationship with him and fights with you when you do, that's emotional abuse. When you fear his reaction to the point that you hold back telling him how you feel and what you think, that's emotional abuse.

When you find yourself apologizing to him because what you did or something you said "made" him do those things to you .... that's emotional abuse.

And that's when and why I have to step in.

I understand that you're about to turn 18. I so very much value that you trust me enough to confide in me and come to me when there's trouble; most teenagers don't go to their parents. The last thing I want you to do is make you feel like you can't trust me, or regret having come to me.

However, it is my right and it is my responsibility to protect you. And that's what I'm trying to do.

If you allow yourself to be treated this way now, how will you be treated when your 25? 40?

Please trust me, and listen to what I'm trying to say. I would never mislead you or do something to add to your pain and stress. But remember always remember the line from one of our favourite stories when you were a child:

"I'll like you forever,
I'll love you for always.
As long as I'm living,
My baby you'll be."

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