Wednesday, August 19, 2009

9 Pounds of Love and Devotion.

Not since I was a child have I experienced the unconditional companionship, love and devotion that is the family dog.

We've only had Doodlebugz for just over 4 months now, and already I can't remember what it was like before her. We adopted our one year old Maltese Shih-tzu from a young woman who had placed an ad on Kijiji. 'JS' was clearly heartbroken when a promotion at work led to regular travel and therefore was not home to provide the love, care and attention that Doodlez so richly deserved.

She fit our family like a glove, is spoiled beyond words.

She's our own little "Lassie, come home" and has developed an internal clock with a silent alarm that lets her know when it's 3:30pm. Everyday at that time she can be found sitting proudly and not so patiently at the front door, awaiting everyone's return. She greets each one like they were the first to arrive, and waits there until everyone is home. On the nights the girls work, she won't come up to bed until everyone is home. We can eventually coax her upstairs to the bedroom, but she'll lie in the doorway until they're home. Once she knows her family is safe and together, she hop up on the bed and retire for the night.

We truly feel blessed to have her with us. We are thankful to 'JS' and often email her updates and pictures so she knows how much her baby is loved and cared for.

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