Saturday, August 22, 2009

7 Stores and a Restaurant.

First a stop at the Supercentre for dishwasher tabs (with bonus jetdry!) at a whopping $6.50 off with coupon.

Second stop at Home Outfitters to check out the baking sheets, loaf pans and muffin tins - but they didn't have the kind we were looking for. Everything else too expensive, so we left after just a few minutes ... but not before stopping to discuss and ponder the Magic Bullet.

Third stop - a unscheduled stop - to Walmart to look for the baking sheets we couldn't find at stop 2. Success here; found everything but the mini muffin trays and 1/2 loaf pans.

Fourth stop at BulkBarn. Auntie E had been there earlier in the week to buy spices, but didn't label the bags so Nana needed to match up the numbers with the spices. Also picked up some golden raisins for the rice pudding, seasoned salt and more baking sheets.

Fifth stop at Kitchen Stuff Plus with a longer list: spice rack (2 - 1 for daily spices & 1 for baking spices), senior-friendly 'pop-top' canisters, pyrex bakeware (4 of various shapes/sizes)
and probably more, but I'm not sure at this point.

Lunch was next because the last scheduled stop was for groceries and Nana didn't want to leave food in the truck in the heat. We ate at Mama's which has become our "regular" spot of late. Nana had one egg scrambled with bacon, homefries and toast; Wee had a toasted western on brown with a side of onion rings and I had a chicken wrap with a side of fries. Good conversation and laughs over an enjoyable meal, and then it was on to what was supposed to be our last stop.

Sixth stop at A&P. Nana pulled out her list including milk, bread, dijon mustard, butter and jello powder. In addition picked up some gladware containers, sweet treats and icecream bars. Realized while looking at the list that she forgot to pick up some Immodium, a toilet brush and a birthday card. These were essentials and deemed another unscheduled stop necessary.

Seventh and final stop at Zellers. A quick trip in proved successful for 2 out of the remaining 3 items. The toilet brush, it was decided, could wait until our next shopping day in 2 weeks.

Back to the house to unload and wash all her new treasures. Over tea, more conversation and laughs. A quick lightbulb change, mirror wiped and toilet cleaned and we had successfully completed all of our scheduled tasks.

3 pairs of tired feet. 2 missed naps. 1 productive day.

Another fantastic visit with our grandmother.

Another day 2 sisters spent together laughing, teasing and enjoying eachother's company.

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